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First let me tell you how appreciative we are of you donating to our community. Without you there could be no OhGaming and with your support we will continue to provide a fun gaming experience for everyone! THANK YOU!


We accept both Paypal and Paymentwall. If you're in the United States Paypal will be best for you. If you're using a Paysafe card then Paymentwall will be best.

Using a pre-paid card? You can use any prepaid card with Paypal. It's the same way you would use any other card when checking out. If you require more help with prepaid cards please view the information provided by Paypal.

Thing to Know when Donating

1) Changing your players name after donating will remove any donation rank from your character. Please be mindful of this, but if this issue occurs we'll assist you in our support center.

2) Ranks cannot transfer from one server to another unless the server was closed down. Then you may transfer it to a different one.

3) In Game Money & Tokens will not be replaced apon a server reset or closing unless it was donated within the last 30 days before reset/close.

4) Spawners, Creative Cells, and other items which can only be moved by an Operator after being placed will not be relocated once placed. Please be 100% sure of where you're going to place these items before doing so.

5) If a server closes or resets only donations made in the last 30 days are eligible to be replaced.